I will try to quickly summarize the situation I am in and hopefully someone could steer me in the right direction.

I attended UC Santa Barbara from 2000 - 2003 as computer science major. Deans honors list in 2000 but grades declined until 2003 when i was failing.

Transfered to SDSU as undecided and attended there from 2004 - 2006. I was trying to balance work to pay for it, school, and social life. Ended up paying for a semester that i did not even attend the classes so I got F's and was academically disquallified.

Didn't know what to do because i want to go back to a university such as SDSU or CSU San Marcos but I was academically disqualified from there so why would they accept me again with no new classes to show I have changed my ways. Took a semester of general classes at Palomar Community College in 2007 and got a 4.0 but all the classes i need for a degree are upper division classes not offered at a community college

So basically I am a senior with a lot of credits but nothing to show for it. Do I just reapply to SDSU and hope for the best or are they going to deny me? I realize I did the whole college thing ass backwards starting at a UC and ending at a community college. I am beginning to think that the mistakes I made in the past are irreversible and I may not be able to get a degree from a 4 year university. Since I am not enrolled anywhere I don't even know who i can ask for guidance or if anybody will even care enough to listen to my story. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Ryan Carter