I earned my B.A. in history two years ago and have been rethinking my career direction. I had thought of going on to get a PhD and teach history, but I've really been leaning more towards my other love, which is wildlife and biology. I find that working in wildlife conservation is something I really want to DO, whereas history is mostly something I just like to read and learn about.
I don't know how to go about pursuing this. I will need at least an M.S., but right now I have little to no background in biology and so I'm doubtful that I could get into such a program. The alternative seems to be getting a second bachelor's, this time a B.S. But I work full-time and I don't know that I can get enough financial aid (since it's a second degree) to let me quit my job, and I'm not having much luck finding distance learning programs in biology. I'm beginning to think my circumstances will not let me get a higher level degree in biology, but that's so disappointing to me! Does anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences?