My name is Laura, I'm 29 years old and have just been pondering over the thought of returning to school, but I have questions before I make the decision. I went to college right out of high school..worked hard, completed my 4 years and received a bachelors of science in secondary education. The problem was I knew I didn't want to teach, but had gotten far with my credits and just wanted to finish and get my degree at the time. I started bartending, even tho I substituted and tutored thru some of the years, I mostly made bartending and cocktailing as my career in my 20's since graduating. I was out of work for a few months and it got my attenion of what I wish I had studied or done and many things Id like to apply for, I don't have the experience. I have a job again serving, but going back to school has really been in my head. Here is a question I have.. I want to study international relations, this degree is in the Arts. The one I currently hold is in the Sciences. My concentration with my secondary education major I previously studied was history yet there are many different classes and courses I will need in international relations. My 1st question is..will I have to start over at the beginning or could I move ahead to get my masters even tho it is different course work and a different degree?? And also I know I will not qualify for the same financial aid since I already recieved a bachelors, but are there other financial tunnels so going back to school won't leave me broke? I have been out of school for so many years and not really sure what direction I should start looking if it will even be feasible or if I'll bs agaric from the beginning again.. Any information is greatly appreciated!!