I'm unsure about whether I'll be accepted at a decent four year undergrad program. I really want to return to school, but I'm afraid I may be undesirable as an older student by some better schools. Especially considering...
I didn't finish highschool and never took SATs.

I attended community college part time for a year, then full time for 5 semesters. I have 87 credits completed. My GPA when I left was about 3.65.

I've since moved across the country and have been working full time for almost two years. I'm quitting my job and returning to community college to finish an associate's degree (they're only requiring I complete 15 credits residency, including one required course).

Most of my course work was in psychology, but I've grown much more interested in finding a good game design or computer science program.

Now that I'm looking at transfer student requirements at some local schools, they ask for SAT scores and other requirements I'm not sure I meet. Is it even worth applying to these schools?