I am 31 years old and work as an Operations Specialist for four years. Though it sounds like a fancy title, I make a very small salary. I have training in graphic design and videography but it wasn't done through a 'regular' vocational school. I have mental health problems (including ADD) that kept me from going to college. I was able to get enough money through the state to get private training with various tutors. This was all done in 3 years time.

I applied for about 50+ graphic design jobs in my area before I settled for this job. A lot of graphic design grads were coming out of our local university so there was noway I could complete. Although I do enjoy graphic design, I'm not sure it's a good fit for me. I find that psychology is where I am most drawn. But I do waver back and forth and wonder what kind of a career would be my best fit.

I've been wanting to go to college for years now. My husband has been supportive in this and also wants me to go. Here is the problem. I was homeschooled through highschool (again because of mental health problems and ADD) and my education was lackluster. Due to my problems my parents often became frustrated and would just do the work for me. This was especially the case with math. I have stuggled with the most basic concepts of it.

I didn't learn a huge amount of Pre-Algebra or Algebra. I'm also terribly rusty in English and can't remember even half of what I learned in school, to be honest. I am totally lost on History. I have A LOT of work to make-up for and am trying to think of ways to do it.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do? I know the college I want to go to. The problem is I have seen the 'test' answers provided for their placement test. I don't think I could pass the test without months of studying/personal help. I am wondering what others have done to make up for their poor highschool education? I have tried Kahn University and it just doesn't feel like enough for me. When I don't have a set 'plan' of coursework to study, I feel completely lost. But when someone creates a plan for me and I can work through all the steps, I do pretty well.

All suggestions are much appreciated!