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...I've been wanting to go to college for years now. My husband has been supportive in this and also wants me to go. Here is the problem. I was homeschooled through highschool (again because of mental health problems and ADD) and my education was lackluster. Due to my problems my parents often became frustrated and would just do the work for me. This was especially the case with math. I have stuggled with the most basic concepts of it.I didn't learn a huge amount of Pre-Algebra or Algebra. I'm also terribly rusty in English and can't remember even half of what I learned in school, to be honest. I am totally lost on History. I have A LOT of work to make-up for and am trying to think of ways to do it.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do? I know the college I want to go to. The problem is I have seen the 'test' answers provided for their placement test.
All suggestions are much appreciated!

I know it has been a while since you posted your message. In my opinion, others may disagree but the most important thing you need to know for placement in a community college (where I would recommend you start) is math. But this is only to the extent that you want to be placed in something higher than a basic math class. Personally I have always been a poor math student but I worked through one of those idiot/dummy books for pre algebra and when I took the placement test at my community college I did well enough to get into beginning algebra.

The thing is though most community colleges will take you at the point you are at now and bring you up to the approprate level. So my suggestion is go talk to admission at your CC and let them get you started on the correct path. That is their job and do not think that you will not fit in or that ADD is a show stopper. Both of my kids have ADD and did well in HS, my daughter graduated #10 in her HS class of 200, is a member of NHS and starts university in a pharm D program. It all comes down to how bad you want it.