Going back to school is a great solution. Kudos to you! Go for it, because you are a very different person today than you were the first go round. But know that you really don't have to start from scratch.

My suggestion would be to first identify the major that you'd like to pursue. Then pick 2 schools that offer that major (one should be a community or junior college) and apply for admissions to both schools. They will most likely request official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended previously. Although you said your first degree was a disaster, if you received a "pass degree" (I'm not familiar with that term) you should have some classes that will transfer and count towards your new program. Unless you owe them money from your previous college experience, the community college will accept you. However, depending on how many transferable credits you have from the previous experience, you may be too far along academically to really benefit from the 2-year school. Meet with an admissions counselor and/or academic advisor from each school to receive guidance on the best way to meet your goals. And don't forget to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to see if you qualify for free financial aid. Good luck!