I was so glad to find a site where a lot of adults in the real world are in the same boat I am. Like me you're not willing to be satisified with your life as it is and want to better the opportunities in life by achieving a better education. I'm 31, single with no children and it's been 13 years since I graduated from H.S. I'm regretful to have let this much time go by without having completed a college degree. I kick myself when I stop to realize by now I could have earned up to 3 degrees but better late than never.

I've started the process of researching what I'd like to study and I've become very interested in pursuing a B.A. in Dental Hygiene, but my problem is that at some point to complete the course I'd have to change my schedule for an extended period of time to take required coursed/labs that are day only classes. In the past I used this as an excuse that I couldn't pursue a particular study because of this requirement. I recently asked someone in the schools career counseling department how did people who worked full time manage to switch their schedule to make the transition? The short answer was- they just do and I can't grasp being able to 'just do it'.
My job is daytime only, and I'd have to quit and possibly find work elsewhere at a lower pay scale- and that is frightening. My current budget isn't very flexible. I could get extra work on a part time basis to pay off a few bills or save up for the transition period, but working more hours at another dead end job isn't my priority, it's to go back to college and I need to prioritize time in my schedule for attending classes and studying to do well- not work more.

So my question is for anyone who's been on their own in this situation and had to make a serious sacrifice like giving up that steady income for a better life how did you do it? How did you make college the priority yet manage to keep a balance so that you could basically keep a roof over your head? Thanks in advance for sharing your stories!