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Find a Degree ProgramFind on-campus or online degree programs that are offered especially to adult students. Get started today.


E. Faith Ivery, Ed.DHave a question about returning to college? Our team of experts are ready to help. For frequently asked questions, please see the FAQ.

(Featured Expert: E. Faith Ivery, Ed.D.)

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Search new, used or rental textbooks up to 95 percent off with the best merchants. Shop dozens of stores for the lowest price, and view the best prices for buybacks from the leading textbook comparison pricing service. Find all the best prices all in one place.


Online Discussion Forums for Adult StudentsAdults going back to school are are the fastest growing student demographic. Join the community, share information and network with other returning students in the online discussion forums.

Scholarships for Re-entry Students

Scholarships for Re-entry Students: Grants and Retraining 
Assistance for Adults Returning to CollegeAlthough many adult or "nontraditional" students hear about help to go back to school, continue their education, or train for a new career, they are often unaware where to find it or what programs they may be eligible for. This special report provides information on scholarships, grants, and private organizations and associations that aid adults returning to college or entering vocational programs. Sources of aid include awards especially for re-entry students, women, single parents, and adults re-entering the work force, including money from federal, state, and private organizational and academic programs. Available for immediate download.

Looking for an online degree? Browse our directory of featured associate, bachelor, and graduate programs.

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