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AcademicsAcademics & Study Skills

Revisiting Math.
For returning adults experiencing math anxiety.

Top 10 Study Tips for Busy Adult Learners.
Some of them might surprise you.

10 Tips for Faster Writing.
A journalism major shares tips of the trade.

Procrastination Control: Success Tips for Adult Students.
Tactics to keep you on track for success. See also Win the War Against Procrastination and Time On Your Side: 9 Ways to Take Control of the Clock.

See You Online!
Helpful tips for using college library resources and the Web. See also Information Literacy: Library skills for the Technically Savvy and The Digital Library: Online Databases and Reference Software.

Making the Grade.
Returning students have life skills that can easily be transfered to the classroom.

7 Steps to Writing a Great Research Paper.
Ways to ace the assignment and alleviate stress. See also Proofreading Your Writing Assignments and College Writing Center 101.

Writing the In-Class Essay Exam.
Brainstorming and creating successful in-class college essays. See also The Gift of Gab: Landing an 'A' on Your Essay Exams and Essay Test Panic: Strategies for Success.

The Information Crunch: Retaining What You Learn.
The bottom line for finding time to study is knowing where to look for it.

Scared Speechless.
Draw on life experiences when building a classroom presentation

Reduce Exam Anxiety.
Ten steps to reducing anxiety and taking exams with confidence. See also Memorize with Mneumonics.

Four Keys to Key Points of College Lectures.
Efficient note-taking skills will maximize classroom time, which leads to more effective study time, too.

Preparing for Exams? Focus on Questions, Not Answers.
Learn the trick good students use.

Mastering the Writing Process.
Few successful writers follow the stage model of writing.

Partners with the Professor.
Discover a little known secret of academic success.

My Struggle With Math.
Would math take down his hard won G.P.A.?

Taking Advantage of Office Hours.
Office hours are one of the most valuable learning tools available for students.

Help On Campus for Adults with Reading Disabilities.
Colleges are providing new support services.

See also Research and Reference, Online Tutoring, and Cool Tools.

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