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College Success: The Life Skills Advantage.
Age can be a wonderful asset.

Following the Family Tradition.
What was scary at 18 was just the challenge needed for a 30-something wife and mother.

Over 50 and Back to School.
Lifelong careers are no longer secure for many.

A Major Lesson.
Many returning adults have only decided on what career they donít want. See also Choosing a Major and Career Path Leads Back to School.

Online Classes: The Basics.
Learning the basics before you enroll can help you get the most out of the experience.

The Return of a Long Lost Student.
So many years had passed since her last time in a classroom, she had given up.

Back to School Transition Tips.
Smart ways to lesson stress.

Lessons Learned: Seven Tips for Returning to College.
Helpful hints for returning to school.

Second Chance.
Returning to college can be life changing.

5 Steps to Achieving Maximum Benefit from Your Degree.
Put some thinking and strategy behind career goals.

Help On Campus for Adults with Reading Disabilities.
Colleges are providing new support services. See also Education for Disabled Adults.

Editor's Picks: Bestselling Books and Guides

It's Only Too Late If You Don't Start Now: How to Create Your Second Life at Any Age.
by Barbara Sher
Shattering the myth that turns midlife (or any age) into a crisis, this provocative guide is packed with sage advice. Readers gave it five stars: "Should be mandatory reading for anybody starting to waver at about 40." "An invaluable companion to the second half of your life." Barbara Sher's honest and down-to-earth style makes her easy-to-read and easy-to-understand. A more positive way to consider your life and everything in it.

Never Too Late to Learn: An Adult Student's Guide to College.
By Vicky Phillips

Adults are returning to college in record numbers, and these changing demographics means college is not just for kids anymore. This popular guide advises older students on ow to find the right program, maximize transfer credits, creatively finance their educaton, locate distance learning opportunities, take standardized tests, and balance a busy schedule. The author is a pioneer in the field of adult education and distance learning and has helped over 17,000 adult learners go back to college.

More Bestselling Guides for Adults Returning to College.

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