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Correspondence Courses

Brigham Young University.
The Independent Study division offers approximately 350 university courses and 211 secondary education courses.

Colorado State University.
Offers 100 plus courses through independent study/correspondence.

Indiana University.
The Indiana University Independent Study Program is one of the world's largest. More than 200 independent study courses are available in a print-based format.

Ohio University.
Courses are developed by Ohio University faculty modeled on classroom content.

Pennsylvania State University.
Available from Penn State Distance Education division. Categories range from Accounting to Women's Studies.

University of Alabama.
Students select their own hours and work at their own pace.

University of Minnesota.
Offers approximately 125 credit courses.

University of Nevada, Reno.
Undergraduate and graduate courses are available.

University of North Carolina.
Independent and self-paced. Courses available are from eight University of North Carolina institutions.

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