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Counseling & Career Planning
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Inventory and Assessment
Many tools are available for those entering the job market or career changers. One of the most well-known, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), can often be taken through your college or university counseling center. The interactive version can be taken online. (You can order the Myers-Briggs Indicator in printed form but it needs to be administered and evaluated by a trained professional.) The MBTI assessment traces patterns in behavior to one of 16 personality types, and is often instrumental for individuals making career decisions.

Another frequently used tool is the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment. The Strong Interest Inventory is helpful in the selection of a college major (assists to target career interests and applicable areas of study), as well as career exploration and development (shows how interests relate to a wide range of occupations).

A third tool considered useful by colleges and universities is the Kiersey Temperament Sorter®, a 70 question personality instrument that helps individuals in finding personality type. The Kiersey Temperament Sorter can be taken online or in person.

It is recommended that you complete more than one assessment to widen career choices. For a quick start, try the CareerOneStop Skills Profiler, the O*Net Interest Profiler, and My Next Move.

Find Your Learning Style
In addition to assessment, it is important to know your learning style (or how you learn best). Finding your learning style will help you maximize learning potential, and develop more successful study strategies.

There are three major types of learning styles:

  1. Visual learners learn from things they can see (i.e., print materials such as text, illustrations, and graphics).
  2. Auditory learners learn from things they can hear (i.e., listening to a lecture, a speech or other sounds).
  3. Kinesthetic or tactile learners learn best from touching or working with objects (i.e., performing a task or learning by doing.)

To begin discovering your style, try the online learning style inventory offered by Penn State or North Carolina State University. (If preferred, a printable test is offered by Harding University).

Your learning style is also important in selecting the type of program you choose (i.e. online learning or the traditional campus setting). To see if online learning is right for you, see the Online Learning Option and Should You Get Your Degree Through Distance Learning?

Resumes and Portfolio Preparation
If you need to prepare a resume, Write Your Resume the Easy Way is a clear, four step guideline to writing an interview winner. The Accomplishments Portfolio will help you develop a portfolio demonstrating your skills and experience. As candidates today no longer rely on a traditional job search, Put Your Resume on the Web will help increase employability with an electronic resume.

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