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Editor's Picks: Bestselling Books and Guides

The Adult Student's Guide, 2nd Edition by Leigh Grossman (Compiler), Lesley McBain (Compiler).
The only comprehensive guide for the nontraditional student-with listings for more than 600 traditional adult bachelor's degree programs. Includes information on costs, admission requirements, application procedures, financial aid, life-experience credits, and much more. Also included are tips for balancing studies with other obligations, and making your college experience as successful as it can be.

Traditional Degrees for Nontraditional Students: How to Earn a Top Diploma from America's Great Colleges at Any Age by Carole S. Fungaroli.
In this essential guide, Carole S. Fungaroli challenges the conventional wisdom that advocates distance learning for adult students. She argues that adults are best suited to a traditional college experience, and she insists that even those with children, jobs, and mortgages can earn a standard, four-year degree on a great college campus.

Bear's Guide To College Degrees By Mail & Internet by John and Mariah Bear.
Far and away the most successful book of its kind, this guide remains
unparalleled in its useful tips, friendly tone, and up-to-the-minute information
on getting a degree on the Internet or through correspondence. The book lists the top 100 accredited programs available, including full contact information and a detailed personal evaluation of the school and its programs.

It’s Never Too Late To Graduate. Need some inspiration to go back to school? This is a compilation of 18 interviews from students who returned to school to seek their dreams after the age of 27 all the way to 90. Their stories are different, but all discovered surprises along the way. Like many, some had to put school on the back burner while life got in the way, while others attained a degree, but wanted to advance in their position. The author went back to school herself at age 42, received a B.A. in Anthropology at age 53, then a Master’s in Heritage Preservation at age 55.

More Bestselling Guides for Adults Returning to College.

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