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State Virtual Universities & Online Consortiums
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Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual University.
Works in partnership with Kentucky colleges and universities to offer complete degree and certification programs. Currently, degrees offered are a combination of online courses and traditional courses. The project plans to eventually offer all curriculum online. Programs include an Associate in Applied Science (Network and Information System Technology (NIST); Associate in Arts (Business Transfer Framework); Associate in Arts (Going the Distance: The Next Frontier) Bachelor of Independent Studies; Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Certificate (Office Systems Technology) Library Science; Master of Science (Communication Disorders; and a Teacher Certificate (Special Education: Moderate and Severe Disabilities).

University College - University of Maine System.
Associate and bachelor degrees offered through distance education through the state college system.

Consortium of Maryland community colleges and universities that provide distance associate degree programs.

Minnesota Virtual University.
Collaboration between Minnesota's colleges and universities, state agencies, businesses, and private organizations serving lifelong learners.

Online College of Oklahoma.
Distance learning courses and degrees offered by Oklahoma's public colleges and universities.

SUNY (State of New York) Empire State College.
Created for adult students (average age is 38), SUNY provides a self paced mentor assisted program, a distance learning program, and traditional associate and bachelor degrees. Students design their own individualized programs based on their academic and professional goals. See also State University of New York (SUNY). Over 40 institutions where students can take courses at any time from any place.

University of Massachusetts Online.
The University of Massachusetts Online provides courses through the five campuses of the University of Massachusetts. Undergraduate programs offered include: Bachelor of Science Degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Travel Administration (UMass Amherst); Bachelor Degree in Information Technology with a Business Minor (UMass Lowell); RN to Bachelor of Science (Nursing) (UMass Amherst). Certificate programs: Certificate in Contemporary Communications (UMass Lowell); Certificate in Communications Studies (UMass Boston); Certificate in Fundamentals of Computing (UMass Boston); Certificate in Technical Writing (UMass Boston). Graduate programs: Master's Degree in Educational Administration (UMass Lowell); Graduate Certificate in Clinical Pathology (UMass Lowell); Graduate Certificate in Adapting Curriculum Frameworks (UMass Boston); Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology (UMass Boston), Graduate Certificate in Photonics and Optoelectronics (UMass Lowell).

University of Wisconsin.
Distance learning programs from the University of Wisconsin Systems schools.

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