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Testing and Credit OptionsAdmissions Testing & College Credit Options

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination)

Two Self-Defeating Approaches to GRE Preparation - and How to Overcome Them.
Real-world advice and study strategies from a GRE instructor and tutor.

Are You Ready for the GRE?
Information on the GRE CAT and test-taking skills for those long out of the classroom.

College Credit by Examination and for Life Experience (Portfolio Assessment)

Getting Full Credit.
Returning students are their own best advocates when applying old college credits to new requirements. See also Roll the Credits.

How to Accelerate Your Degree Plan.
Save time and money with academic shortcuts, including testing out, credit banking, and life experience portfolios.

Are You a Candidate for Life Experience Credit?
Find out with a simple assessment.

College Degree Search.
Find distance degree programs that offer American Council on Education college-level credit for life experience (also known as prior learning or portfolio credit), business and military credit, and other accelerated options. Profiles the top distance degree programs in a wide range of disciplines offered through the Internet, correspondence, multimedia, or broadcast/video.

Gain Credit with the CLEP.
How to earn credit for what you know with the College Level Examination Program.

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