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Top 10 Study Tips for Busy Adult Learners

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6. Test yourself before the exam.
Create a sample test of questions you think will be on the course exam, take it, and then go back and concentrate on your weak areas. If you find you can't seem to remember certain material, write it, recite it, or think of associations which will help you remember during the test. Many students use flash cards and carry them with them to review.

7. Widen your learning horizons.
Consider joining a study group, getting tutoring, or dropping by the professor's office for additional one on one assistance. If you have the time, ask if there are any extra credit assignments.

8. Polish your writing and communication skills.
They are foundational for your college and professional success. Get a writing handbook, style guide, and a good college dictionary or take some college remedial writing courses early on in your curriculum. Get these early on and don't skimp. It pays to invest in these resources as they will be instrumental and referred to often in your studies.

9. Use a semester/quarter planner to see at a glance what assignments are due throughout the term. Avoid last minute cramming and paper writing. Remember, last minute cramming only retains knowledge in your short term (not long term) memory, and you never do your best work on a paper when you don't have time to review it. See tips on test taking and research paper/essay writing in the Academics section.

10. Always take time to relax and maintain balance in your life. By going to college you are beginning an exciting and extremely rewarding journey. Reflect on the fact that the best part of an education is not the destination but the journey itself. Don't let unnecessary stress bring you (and your GPA) down. Take time to prioritize that which is most important to you, and balance work, family, and relaxation to avoid stress and academic burn-out, as well as maximize your learning potential. Have fun!

See also Academics.

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